Topics / Categories Outlined


You will find links to contributions arranged by category in the column to the right. Simply click the category that interest you to find what has been offered.

Newarchangel Journal is committed to offering resources that strengthen and support disciples and local congregations in Alaska. Our goal is to publish articles that are relevant to the local faith community and Christian life.

The following is a list of the current categories, or subject areas we are exploring.

“Fr. Dave’s Desk”
These are occasional writings by Fr. Dave. They pertain to his ministry in Alaska.

“Letters Home”
This is a series of weekly articles written by Fr. Dave Elsensohn. They intend to adopt the style of a letter to his family, the church. 

“Ramblings and other Thoughts”
Ramblings are brief comments on the current opportunities and challenges facing the Alaskan church today. This category will have an outward looking perspective, and deal with the churches interaction with the broader society. The aim is that each piece suggest a proactive response to the questions raised in the article. 

“Seasons and Reflections”
This category contains seasonal reflections for the Christian year. They are a communities response to a shared reading of a published book.

“Sermon Primers”
This is a collection of past sermons offered by various clergy in Alaska. They spring from each clergy person’s ministry within the context of their congregation and church polity. It is our hope that this diversity of background will help open new doors of insight for those preparing their own homily. They are arranged according to liturgical year and Sundays and Feasts of that year.

“Sunday Reflections”
These reflections provide a primer for those preparing to attend the upcoming Sunday worship services of their community. They draw their inspiration from the lectionary texts assigned for each Sunday, liturgical material, or hymns the readings call to mind. 

“Thoughts on the Care of a Congregation”
These may be the most practical of all the article submitted. Every aspect of congregational life needs to be continually rethought, reviewed, refreshed, and relaunched from time to time. Continuing old practices, just because it has always been that way, may be a formula for decline in today’s culture.

This category explores all aspects of congregational management and care. This includes music, stewardship, visitor and new member inclusion, congregational traditions, education, youth and adult work, best practices and more.

Thank you for your interest.